Fuel & Asset Management

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The natural gas market is complex and constantly changing. This complexity and volatility creates significant risks and opportunities. Mid-Atlantic specializes in working with industrial and midstream participants through Fuel and Asset Management Agreements to mitigate costs, increase reliability, and optimize assets. Mid-Atlantic will assign a team of energy professionals to each client’s account. Each member of the team will be familiar with the daily, weekly, and monthly processes that must be completed as part of the fuel/asset management process. Mid-Atlantic will interact with the client on an as-needed and/or as-desired basis.

Mid-Atlantic's specialties and roles:

  • Supply procurement

  • Transportation acquisition

  • Transportation utilization

  • Transportation rate negotiation

  • Identify arbitrage opportunities 

  • Nominations

  • Hedging strategy 

  • Imbalance management

  • Regulatory monitoring 

  • New meter requests

  • Act as sales agent

  • Budget forecasting