Increasing natural gas production, particularly from shale plays in the Northeast and Southwest, is expected to boost gas-fired power capacity across the country in the coming years, especially in some Mid-Atlantic states, Texas and Florida, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Pennsylvania’s natural gas boom has had the measurable benefit of lowering total CO2 emissions in the state’s power sector by about 30%...

Marking another milestone this year for the U.S. shale industry, the first shipment of ethane gas produced in the Appalachian Basin set sail...

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Every week, the EIA proclaims a new record for natural gas production. But their own forecasts show that the U.S. will be short on supply by October of this year. A price increase is inevitable beginning later in 2016.

The blizzard barreling toward the East Coast may be terrible news for travelers, but it is a rare bit of respite for beleaguered natural-gas producers. Expectations of freezing temperatures and a blanket of snow from Nashville to New York have pushed local natural-gas prices above $5 per million British thermal units in parts of the Northeast for the first time since last winter.

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