Producer Services

Data driven. Superior service. Unparalleled Experience.

Mid-Atlantic offers numerous advantages to producers looking to market their gas directly including access to wholesale industrial and retail aggregator markets who will provide pricing optionality including Index or Nymex, fixed, GDA, etc. Most of Mid-Atlantic's clients have firm transportation and firm fixed requirements ensuring 100% takes and no swings. Producers generally experience increased netbacks and less day to day nomination and scheduling issues with Mid-Atlantic's services. In addition to freeing up the Client's time to prospect, drill and produce more energy, outsourcing to Mid-Atlantic enhances the Client's economies of scale while reducing overhead.  Mid-Atlantic will monitor production on a daily basis to minimize its Client's exposure to pipeline and/or supplier imbalances.


Mid-Atlantic's specialties and roles:

  • Nominations

  • Transportation acquisition

  • Transportation utilization

  • Transportation rate negotiation

  • End-user marketing

  • Hedging strategy 

  • Imbalance management

  • Regulatory monitoring 

  • New meter requests

  • Act as sales agent

Revenue Distribution Services
  • Revenue distribution

  • State reporting & filing

  • Division order analysis

  • Lease operating statements

  • Revenue receipts & deposits

  • Data entry

  • Check writing

  • 1099's