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Strategic Acquisitions

Creating incremental value through asset acquisitions.

The Strategic Acquisitions Group focuses on acquiring and providing operational leadership to strategically viable middle market companies in the Oil & Gas Industry. We invest with an operational mindset, leveraging our team’s deep and broad experience to realize incremental value through increased optimization and strategic direction.

Investment Criteria

Industry Sector

  • Upstream and Midstream companies in the Oil & Gas Industry focused on production, intra-state pipelines, gathering systems, storage facilities, processing facilities, metering stations, marketing companies, etc.

Company Attributes

  • Strategic opportunities including pipeline transportation capacity positions, and physical time/location arbitrage capabilities (i.e. storage facilities/interconnects)

  • Stable cash flows from a strong and varied customer base

  • Capable middle management team

  • Defensible market position

  • EBITDA >$5.0 million

Company Stage

  • Multi-year operating history

  • Little to no technology risk


Investment Type

Transaction Size

Typical Situations

  • U.S. based, with a focus on the Appalachian region

  • Buyout or control equity

  • Values ranging from $25 to $150 million

  • Corporate divestitures, ownership transition/buyout